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The Alumni Association of Regional Institute of Education (Formerly known as Regional College of Education)Bhubaneswar, was formed in its first ever General Body ( G.B)meeting held on 28-29 may 2011 in the Auditorium of RIE,Bhubaneswar .A pro-cherished earlier, helped giving a shape to this long-cherished desire of the alumni for such an association.however,the spade-work for the formation of this association was undertaken much early by difference regional as well as group meets, held at different laces.

Initial Step in 2010

The first such initiative to form an association, was taken during the year 2010,when a group of old students, mostly belonging to the pass-out batches of 1970’s,met in a get-together at RIE,Bhubaneswar n 19.09.2010 with the patronage of Prof.Ushakanta Nanda,the then principal of the institute. In fact, the pro tem body of the office-bearers was declares soon afterwards to facilitate the formation of this association. In addition to this get-together, there were two such events organized on different dates-one at Shantiniketan, West Bangal on 11-12 December 2010 and the other at RIE,Bhubaneswar on 25 December 2010 and the other at RIE,Bhubaneswar on 25 December 2010.When the Shantiniketan group mostly belonged to the batches of the 80’s of the last century,the RIE group belonged to the batches of the early years of the present century .Some of the office-bearers of the pro team body attended these two meets to apprise them f the decision of the adhoc body for the next G.B.,then proposed in May-2011.

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Final Shape:

These three meets immensely activated the ongoing efforts for formation of the association and helped bringing all these groups from different batches and regions together to one fold. Though there were many batch-wise meets prior to this, including some informal initives, to have such as association, the dream of forming one Alumni Association still remained unfilled. In fact, the resolution to form as Association, adopted in the meet on 19.09.2010 at RIE, Bhubaneswar including the pro tem body declared thereafter was a big stride in this direction, that made the formation of the Association finally possible in the GB. Held in May 2011.The formal office-bearers of the Association were elcted in this meet after the dissolution of the pr tem body.The active suort and inspiration of Prof .subash Chandra Panda,the then Principal,RIE,Bhubaneswar,is praise-worthy.

This G.B was inaugurated by Prof.Dr Radhacharan das,the formar Princial of this College and Vic-Chancellor,berhampur University,as the Chief Guest Dr.Bikram K Das,the formar Had,Department of English of this college and professor of English,CIEFL,Hyderabad & RELC,Singaore,delivered the key-note address,as the chief Speaker.It was attended  largely by the presen as well as the former faculty member of this institute.


After this meet of 2011, the administration of RIE, Bhubaneswar allotted the Room No-174 on the first floor of the main building of the institute, to house of the office of the association. It was formally registered under the Societies Registration Act-1860 with the inspector General of Registration, Odisha on 16.08.2012 with the Registration No-23408/29 of 2012-13.This brings the final seal of the Competent Authorities to the formation of the Association.

Timing of the Annual meet:

The G.B meeting of May 2011 has resolved to hold its meet once a year on the premises of the RIE, Bhubaneswar, for one day only, preferable during Puja /Chirstmas holidays.

Annual Meet, 2012

The G.B meeting for the year 2012, held on 9th December, was inaugurated by Dr.Krutibas Rath, Principal, R.I.E., and Bhubaneswar.The first newsletter of the Association was released in this meet.

The Golden Jubilee year of the RIE ( 2013-14)

The Golden Jubilee year of our Alma mater was celebrated in the year 2013-14.The Association in its G.B and Annual Meet of 2013, held on 29th December of the same year, released a colorful Souvenir containing article of the old student from the first batch (1963-67) to the latest batch (2009-13) to mark this event. The retired teachers and the student’s f the first batch, who attended the function, were felicitated .Dr.S.T.V.G Acharyulu, the former Principal of the institute inaugurated this meet as the chief guest .Prof K.B Rath, and the Principal was the guest Honour.

Annual Meet,2014

The Annual Alumni Meet for the year 2014  held on 28th December, was inaugurated by Prof J.K.Mohapatra, former Dean and Head.DESM. Prof K.B.Rath. the present Principal and Prof.B.K.Parida,Dean, RIE Bhubaneswar were the guests of honour on this occasion.

The second issue of the News letter of the Association was released in this meet attended by 109 alumni from Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar.

Annual Meet, 2015

The Annual Meet for the year 2015 held on 27 th December, was inaugurated by Dr.H.K.Senapati, Director, NCERT, New Delhi. Prof S.C.Panda, former principal of RIE, Bhubaneswar and Prof B.K.Parida, Dean of the Institute, were guests of honour.

The third issue of Newsletter of the Association was released in the meet.

Alumni from Odisha and West Bengal (128 no.) attended the meet.

Our Aspirations:

In the days to come, this Association aims at uniting all the LD students of this Institute, spread over the whole country in general & Eastern and North-eastern parts of India in particular,through the common G.B and State/zone-wise regional meets.This dream is yet to be materialized.But the association is committed to make it happen in the days to come.

Our major objectives:

  • To administer and manage the affairs of the Alumni Association of the RIE, Bhubaneswar (Previously known as the RCE, Bhubaneswar).
  • To promote socio –culture values and fraternity among the fellow alumni as well as the student’s f the students of the RIE.
  • To help promote the academic and culture milieu of the RIE and actively contribute for the said cause, the prime aim being to keep up and promote it as a ‘ Center of Excellence ‘for academics and a melting pot of varied cultures of different regions and state ,from where students come to student
  • To work /act constructively and contribution towards the overall development ,in general and academic development, in articular,of the RIE,Bhubaneswar in accordance with the mandatory stipulations/requirements of the national Assessment and Accreditation Committee( NAAC/University Grants Commission ( UGC)
  • To organize various social and cultural functions in different areas to develop fraternal relationship in the society.
  • To take up relief and rehabilitation measures during natural disasters, calamities and marginalized groups.
  • To organize camps to develop educational awareness among the disadvantaged and marginalized groups.


 All the pass outs of RCE/RIE, Bhubaneswar are eligible for membership of the Association. They are required to submit an application in a prescribed form along with a recent passport size  photograph and a onetime membership of Rs 1000/-(Rupees one thousand only).

The application form may be downloaded from this site.

Further,regarding enrolment / any clarification, alumni may contact the secretary/any office bearer of the Association by phone/sms/e-mail /letter.



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