The Alumni Association
Regional Institute of Education Bhubaneswar

Welcome to The Alumni Association RIE

Dear Alumni !

  • Welcome to this site of the Alumni Association of Regional College/Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar.
  • This Association formed on 28-29 May, 2011,in its first ever General Body meeting, has traversed a long path to unite the old students. Its membership, though still to be optimal, ranges from the pass-outs of the first batch (1963-67) to the latest.
  • A registered body since 16th August, 2012, this association is provided with accommodation in the campus of the Institute to house its office.
  • This association has been organizing Annual Alumni meets during the last week of December every year. The participation in the meet is open to the old students irrespective of their membership.
  • A news letter is being published every year to mark the Annual Meet. A special souvenir was also brought out in 2013, to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our alma mater.
  • This Assn. has so far organized one extramural talk and some literary competitions for the present students of the Institute. A running shield for sports activity is also being awarded since 2014
  • We hope to bring all the old students into its fold for greater unity and get-together with a mission to ensure the well-being of this Institute and its inmates.

Please avail the opportunity of the joining us, if you have not done so, by now.

Chakradhar Dash (Secretary)                                            Pramathesh Das (President).

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